What We Do


These keys for change are the guiding principles of Hope and a Home's strategic approach to offering low-income families proven and manageable ways to make lasting changes in their lives.

Keys for change:
  1. Quality home environment
  2. Financial stability
    1. Family Budget
    2. Rent and bills paid on time
    3. Good credit
  3. Housing goal for the future
    1. Action plan
    2. Savings
  4. Move to permanent housing
Keys for change:

  1. Schools that fit children's abilities and needs
  2. Mentor or tutor
  3. Enriching summer and extracurricular experiences
  4. Prepare for higher education and graduate from high school
  5. Enroll in and complete college or vocational training
rewarding work Keys for change:
  1. Career goal
    1. Action plan
    2. Resume and cover letter
  2. Prepare for rewarding work
    1. Keep current job
    2. Improve education and training
    3. Network and interview
  3. Find rewarding work with increased income
  4. Succeed on the job
Keys for change:
  1. Set goals to strengthen family and review progress regularly
  2. Use community resources
  3. Manage family life effectively
  4. Improve physical, emotional and spiritual health
  5. Participate in and contribute to the life of the community
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