What We Do

Transitional housing

Our Transitional Housing programs provides below-market rental units to homeless and low-income families for up to three years. Once in our program, families work intensively with our professional support staff to identify and break down personal and external barriers to success. We mentor parents and children in their journey from homelessness to permanent housing, from educational failure to success in school, and from instability to stable and nurturing family life.

We currently rent 18 2-,3- and 4-bedroom apartments to families with incomes at 30 percent or below of the area median income ($26,800 for a family of four). These properties are owned or leased by Hope and a Home and have been professionally renovated through the efforts of our network of dedicated partners, suppliers, and volunteers. Our rents start at $250 a month for a 2-bedroom unit, approximately one-sixth of the current DC rental rate,and increase each of the two subsequent years to prepare families for market rates when they graduate from our transitional housing.

Families may reside in our housing for up to three years - longer than most DC-area housing programs. This longer stay makes it possible for children to become established in good schools and for their parents to build strong relationships and acquire the skills that foster long-lasting change.

We support our parents through:

  • Weekly in-home meetings, quarterly goal-setting meetings, and annual progress evaluations;
  • Individual counseling by a licensed psychologist, when appropriate;
  • Coaching to be responsible tenants and assistance to move to permanent housing;
  • A Personal Savings program -- parents save $50 per month during their first year, $75 per month in the second year, and $100 per month in their final year in the program;
  • Training in financial literacy using Hope and a Home's workbook, Our Dreams and Our Money: Setting Goals about Money, and intensive one on one credit counseling, in collaboration with Housing Counseling Services; and
  • Peer group support in monthly family workshops.
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