Keys for Change

These keys for change are the guiding principles of Hope and a Home’s strategic approach to offering low-income families proven and manageable ways to make lasting changes in their lives.

Affordable Housing

  • Quality Home Improvement
  • Financial Stability
    • Family Budget
    • Rent and bills paid on time Good credit
  • Housing goal for the future
    • Action plan
    • Savings
  • Move to permanent housing

Higher Education for All

  • Schools that fit children’s abilities & needs
  • Mentor or tutor
  • Enriching summer & extra-curricular experiences
  • Prepare for higher education & graduate from high school
  • Enroll in & complete college or vocational school

Rewarding Work

  • Career Goal
    • Action plan
    • Resume and cover letter
  • Prepare for rewarding work
    • Keep current job
    • Improve education and training
    • network and interview
  • Find rewarding work with increased income
  • Succeed on the job

Family and Community Connections

  • Set goals to strengthen family and review progress regularly
  • Use community resources
  • Manage family life effectively
  • Improve physical, emotional, and spiritual health
  • Participate in and contribute to the life of the community