Lynn C. French, Executive Director
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Lynn French has worked in community development and housing policy in Washington, DC, since 1980, focusing on community development. Prior to joining Hope and a Home in 2010, she worked at the Council of the District of Columbia, drafting legislation and supporting the work of two Council Members in a variety of bills affecting rent control, the Comprehensive Plan, and drafted the Homestead Housing Preservation Act of 1987. Lynn was appointed Homestead Program Administrator at the DC Department of Housing and Community Development from 1987 to 2001. Under her leadership more than $50M of private capital was leveraged to facilitate the renovation of over 2,000 substandard and dilapidated housing units that were sold to first time homebuyers. From 2001 through 2006, Lynn served as the Senior Policy Advisor for Homeless and Special Needs Housing in the Executive Office of the Mayor. During her tenure, Lynn coordinated implementation of sweeping improvements in shelter conditions and facilitated the development of supportive housing and housing first programs.

Jarreau Taylor, Development Manager
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Jarreau Taylor joined Hope and a Home with over 6 years of experience in leveraging technology to help people in need. He brings along a unique skill set of solution-based service skills and technical expertise from previous nonprofit support roles that has strengthened our team. After a brief stint working for startups in the tech sector, Jarreau has once again rejoined the nonprofit world in support of our mission and is now back in his element – helping us to support our objectives.

Yawaseh Tingba, Family Support Coordinator
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Yawaseh is a highly devoted advocate for family services (mental health and housing). She is the current Family Support Worker at Hope and a Home. Ms. Tingba has over 7 years of servicing the homeless and less fortunate population in DC and Maryland.  She is an advocate for mental health services and is committed to eliminating barriers to ensure the population’s hierarchy of needs are met.  She is well versed on resources available for clients and operates under the continuum of services model, by connecting providers to provide maximum service.  She strongly believes in reinforcing positive behavior in order to get desired results.  She believes in serving the population served by service planning, monitoring, and need assessments. Ms. Tingba believes in working collaboratively on a dynamic team to assist clients in maintaining their housing through the effective application of trauma informed care and harm reduction strategies. Ms. Tingba’s entire modus operandi is based on the quote “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

Cierre Johnson, Education Coordinator
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Cierre Hunter is the Educational Advocate at Hope and a Home. Cierre has 10 plus years of experience as a Special Education teacher, working with students in grades ranging from K – 12 as well as teaching adults pursuing a GED. Cierre’s expertise is working with and advocating for a diverse population of students including: students with moderate to severe physical and health disabilities; moderate to severe learning disabilities; and a variety of Social and Emotional Disabilities. As a Special Education Teacher, Cierre worked to engage students and their parents by creating a positive learning focused classroom community. Cierre devotes her passion for teaching by celebrating diversity and providing a quality education that is accessible for all students regardless of disability, socioeconomic status, race, age or gender. Cierre advocates for students by building a support network for students between school, teachers and home to ensure proper resources are provided to guarantee an excellent education. Ultimately, Cierre’s mission and values align with the premise that “education is the golden ticket out of poverty.”

Bryce Cromartie, Education Coordinator
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Bryce Cromartie is the current Educational Advocate at Hope and a Home. As a 3rd Generation Washingtonian, and former participant of the Marion S. Barry Summer Youth Employment Program (formerly known as the SYEMP), he has an abundance of experience and knowledge of the District’s resources, history, and culture. For 8 years, Bryce served as a Volunteer Counselor with Freedom Youth Academy, helping at-risk inner-city youth (primarily Ward 8 Residents) prepare for society by focusing on education. He supported the students with improving their performance in school and on scholastic assessment tests. Bryce’s passion for human services continued after completing his undergraduate degree from Hampton University. He then went on to serve as a Social Services Coordinator (Norfolk, VA) for ex-offenders in a Residential Reentry Center (aka Halfway House), assisting with job readiness, family reunification, and placement into adult education programs. In 2013, Bryce embarked on a new journey, the fight to end homelessness in DC. For 7 years, he provided outreach, case management, and advocated for the chronically homeless population. Bryce is committed to assisting Hope and a Home achieve their mandate to “break the cycle of poverty for qualified families through” education!

Rosa Mooten, Property Manager, Volunteer Service Coordinator and Office Manager
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Rosa Mooten is the glue that holds together our operations. She manages Hope and a Home’s office and its property, greets visitors, responds to calls from families who are in need of affordable housing, coordinates volunteer work parties, assists with the selection of families for our Transitional Housing Program, handles correspondence and provides IT and clerical support for other staff.