Who We Are

Hope and a Home is a local nonprofit in the District of Columbia with a unique approach and a successful record helping low-income urban families gain stability.

OUR MANDATE is to break the cycle of poverty for qualified families through the programs and services we offer.

OUR MISSION is to empower low-income families with children in D.C. to create stable homes of their own and to make lasting changes in their lives.

OUR VISION is a Washington, D.C. in which all families are housed, growing stronger and contributing to the life of their neighborhoods.

Core Beliefs

Every child has the right to achieve his or her potential, and a healthy loving family is the best place to nurture that potential. We focus on the whole family, with children as a priority.
People have an innate capacity to learn, grow, and change. We promote excellent education to develop self-awareness, new skills, and mutual understanding.

Change happens in the context of relationships. We foster honest, caring, and respectful relationships among children, parents, staff, and volunteers.

Stable housing, educational success, rewarding work, and a connection to one’s community are invaluable to every family’s development. We embrace a holistic approach as the most effective way to achieve lasting change for children and their families.

Affordable housing strengthens families and builds diverse neighborhoods. We operate and promote affordable housing for low-income and homeless families.

Underutilized resources in our community can be tapped to develop strong and vibrant neighborhoods that benefit all residents. We build community by organizing opportunities for individuals to develop their personal gifts and to exchange those gifts with others.

How We’re Different

Hope and a Home is unique in two critical ways. First, our programs include a three-year stay for transitional housing. Three years, as opposed to the usual two, better aligns with the intensity of our programs and provides a more realistic timeframe for success.

Second, we emphasize the importance of higher education achievements for adults as well as children. We recognize that education is an essential key to ending generational poverty. In this spirit, our staff works with families and their children to implement individually tailored strategies for educational achievement.

Special Thanks to the Rotary Club for your support of the Hope and a Home Literacy Program