Higher Education

Hope and a Home’s Higher Education for All (HEFA) program implements an individualized education plan for each adult and child within each family. The HEFA team ensures that children are thriving in their schools and have what they need to succeed academically. The program staff also work with adults to prepare them for stable jobs that pay living wages.

  • We assess each child’s academic standing, conduct classroom observations, and identify and secure the educational resources that children are entitled to by law: testing, evaluations, and appropriate school placements in public, charter, or private schools;
  • We train parents to serve as educators and advocates for their children. We help them build essential skills to engage in school activities such as parent-teacher conferences;
  • We match our students with volunteer mentors and tutors;
  • We reward students for setting and achieving academic goals for each advisory. One half of the financial reward goes to the student; the other half is deposited in a savings account to be used when the child attends college or vocational school;
  • We provide and promote meaningful after-school and summer enrichment activities that reinforce academic learning;
  • We enroll our children in other DC programs that support higher education for low-income students.
  • We work with adults to identify their academic strengths and weaknesses – sometimes placing them in programs that strengthen their math and literacy skills; and
  • Adults are enrolled in educational, vocational and certificate programs that better position them in the job market.

The Mike Young Education Fund assists parents who are pursuing educational and vocational training and youth who are pursuing their post-secondary education, or who are enrolled in a private school by granting financial aid.